Savory Food Gift: Spiced Olives from Martha Stewart

Savory Food Gift: Spiced Olives from Martha Stewart

When we think of food to give as gifts, we so often think cookies, candies, sugary nuts, toffee... The list of sweet stuff can go on and on. What about something good and salty? There are these savory cookies Emily rounded up today, and here are some olives from Martha Stewart. They're pretty, inexpensive, and ripe for putting your own spin on them...

You can buy plain olives from a bulk bin, then add your own mix of herbs, spices, or citrus. The recipes from Martha below include fennel, orange, and rosemary, but you could add peppercorns, lemon, chile peppers (red peppers with green olives- festive!), or tiny cornichons.

Two olive recipes from Martha Stewart:

Any other savory gifts you love?

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