San Francisco Market Report: Cardoon, Blood Oranges, Red Sugar Cane, and More!

At the Alemany Farmer's Market this weekend, we saw a mixture of winter seasonal produce (still a lot of citrus, particularly Moro blood oranges) and fresh spring vegetables, such as asparagus, tender pea leaves (which Filipinos and Chinese use in soups and stir-frys,) and kohlrabi.

Above are Moro blood oranges - so good with champagne as a "sparkler" or paired with fennel and shaved parmesan and drizzled with olive oil.

According to the calendar, it's still winter (the vernal equinox is still three weeks away) but the weather here has been absolutely spring-like. So, it's quite fitting that the market offerings are "in between" winter and spring. Below I've included a few photos of what's hot at the market right now.

Asian vegetables (bok choy, gai choy, and choy sum) are currently in season.

Fresh green and purple onions signal the arrival of Spring.

Red sugar cane makes great skewers for shrimp or fish, and tastes great grilled. Chew on them to press out the lovely sugar juices, and discard the tough, fibrous stalk when the juices have been depleted.

Cardoon is an under-appreciated vegetable that tastes like artichoke.

(All images by Kathryn Hill.)