San Francisco Farmer's Market Report: Noe Valley

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Delicious radishes

The Noe Valley Farmer's Market is located at 3861 24th Street, between Sanchez and Vicksburg Streets and is held every Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. It's a smaller than the other two Saturday farmer's markets - Alemany and Ferry Building - but if you don't need a lot of things, it's a good place to go to pick up some basics without dealing with crowds. It's also convenient to the 24th Street Cheese Store, PlumpJack Wines, and Chocolate Covered. Here's what we saw this week ...

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Fresh new chives
NEW ARRIVALS: Radishes, English, snow, and sugar snap peas; chives, edible flowers, fresh basil varieties - Italian, Thai, and opal; baby artichokes, and celery root.
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Celery root

Salad greens, fingerling potatoes, baby spinach, cilantro, pea shoots, Chinese vegetables, daikon radishes, oranges, and Jerusalem artichokes.

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Colorful cabbage and cauliflower
LAST CHANCE: Fennel, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, citrus, apples, and parsnips.
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Flowers, samosas and chutneys from Sukhi's, honey, nuts, and dried fruit.

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Edible flower salad

More information on Noe Valley Farmer's Market at this link.

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Pink Lady apples

(Images: Kathryn Hill)