(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Did you know that Linens 'n Things is closing its stores? We saw this post over at AT:NY, and we can't say we're surprised. Bed, Bath, & Beyond does seem much more ubiquitous, well-stocked, and well-priced. But LNT's demise is our gain; everything is on sale. Don't get too excited yet, though...

So far, the savings are pretty small. We're seeing around 10 percent off most kitchen items. That means a Cuisinart Stand Mixer is $269.99 instead of $299.99 and a Henckels chef's knife is $107.99 instead of $119.99—not exactly bargain basement prices.

But, we feel like the idea of a liquidation is that, eventually, this stuff's gotta move. So it might be a good site to keep an eye on.

Anyone seeing deeper discounts at the brick-and-mortar stores? Any idea why the store is closing in the first place?

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(Image: Linens 'n Things)