19 Important Tips for Truly Tremendous Salads

Tips from The Kitchn

Salad making can be divided into three basic parts: prepping the ingredients, making the dressing, and tossing it all together. Simple, right? While each part isn't that hard, there are little tricks and tips that can help you go from making just an okay salad to a great one.

From the best ways to wash and dry lettuce to easy ways to make homemade croutons, we've put together our best salad-making tips together here. We hope you'll try some of these tips out and they become a permanent part of your salad-making routine!

Tips for washing, drying, and storing lettuce

Other salad ingredient tips

Salad dressing tips

Our best tips for putting your salad together

Updated from a post originally published in June 2012.

(Image credits: Christine Gallary; Emma Christensen)