5 Eclectic (Yet Coordinated) Spice Jar Sets

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Some of us have spice jar sets, where all the jars match and fit into their own custom container. And some of us (me) enjoy a jumble of mismatched jars and containers. When I saw these new spice jars from Anthropologie, I knew I'd add one or two to my collection. Or maybe I should get No. 9? Read on for a few more spice jar favorites.

1 Anthropologie's Digit Spice Jar, $5 each. I'm not sure I would want all nine jars on my shelf, but a few here and there would be nice.

2 Jamie Oliver's Tiny Kilner Jar, approximately $3.38 each. These sweet little jars are available with green or cream colored lids, too. You'll have to order then from England, but that's half the fun!

3 Weck Jars are made for canning, but their smaller versions make great spice jars. Heath Ceramics, $27.00 for 6 one-cup jars, carries a few sizes or you can order directly from Weck. $18.70 for 12 tiny jars.

4 IKEA's new TRIPP storage tins have a spice-sized box. $2.99 for all three sizes.

5 IKEA also has a classic white ceramic jar. $7.99 for two.

What are your favorite spice jars?

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