Here's To Not Splurging On a Pan You Use Once a Year: 5 Roasting Pans Under $50

Product Roundup

With Thanksgiving only three weeks away, it's time to start talking roasters. First, let's set some ground rules: regardless of how pretty it looks, you do not need to plunk down $165 on an All-Clad roasting pan. We know, we know — we would sleep with that roaster on our accompanying bed of money if we could. But for the most part, roasting pans come out of our cupboards once or twice a year for the big holiday dinners, so a budget option is more our style. Here are 5 worthy picks:

What To Look For

The main thing you often sacrifice going with a more affordable roasting pan is weight and thickness. High end roasting pans usually boast better construction and more even heating throughout, while super cheap pans feel light, flimsy, and are prone to hot spots and warping. Here we're looking for something in between: heavy enough to make gravy, withstand warping, and accommodate a decent sized turkey, and under $50 but better than the super cheap $10 options.

Other useful features to look for in a roasting pan:

  • Stationary handles (not foldable): As Emma, who has a pan with foldable handles says, "It seems like that would be awesome, but it's so hard to get them to unfold when you're wearing heavy oven mitts and are standing in front of the hot oven trying to pick up a huge turkey." This is a personal preference, though, and a feature you may have to give up in favor of your preferred price.

  • Around 16 inches long: A roaster that measures at least 16 inches is a good size to go for. This will fit a 15-18 lb turkey. However, note that the measurement in the product title usually refers to the interior space. The total measurement including the handles is often larger than this, so be sure to measure your oven before you buy to make sure the pan will fit!

5 Budget Roasting Pan Picks

What roasting pan are you using this year?

(Image credits: Martha Stewart; Calphalon; Oneida; Overstock; Wayfair)