Ribs Under the Broiler
Faith Durand
May 21, 2008
2008_05_21-TimesTop.jpgOur neighbors have pulled out the grill, but we're grill-less for now, and July seems a long time away. What do you do when you have no grill? Mark Bittman comes to the meat-lovers' rescue with tips and recipes for mock tandoori chicken, "grilled" ribs, and "barbecued" brisket - all done under your broiler. All of these are great additions to our own instructions on how to broil a steak in the oven. Try pork or chicken next! More from the New York Times' Dining Section below, including a luscious Romanesco sauce with grilled spring onions from Melissa Clark, and a tribute to Robert Mondavi. Importing a Spanish Spring - Melissa Clark makes Grilled Spring Onions With Romesco Sauce, inspired by the Catalan feast of calçots. Delicious! A Young Man’s Passion for Beer Blossoms Along With His Hops - One way to deal with the hops shortage is to grow your own. This young man is in the running for a prestigious beer internship and has his own hop garden in Brooklyn. Good Wine Reading With Mellow Aftertaste - Good wine reading. PLUS... • Robert Mondavi's LegacyGrowing Coop in FlatbushBright Knife Guards • From Bitten: What Suzanne Had for Dinner (Top image credit: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)
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