Rental Kitchen Solutions: Big Baskets

Kitchen Spotlight

Alana isn't crazy about everything in her Brooklyn rental kitchen ("whoever renovated the building made some ugly counter and appliance choices," she tells Apartment Therapy) but she does love the space and light. For my part, I couldn't help but notice the three large baskets on top of her kitchen cabinets.

The empty space above cabinets is the scourge of many a rental kitchen, but going big and bold with baskets is one way to deal with it — not to mention the extra storage capacity.

Some say storing baskets atop cabinets isn't a good idea because they'll get sticky from all the cooking grease and grime. But if you're conscientious about cleaning the baskets (you can spray them down in a bathtub and then dry in the sun), it remains a good storage solution — not to mention a pretty one! — for rental kitchens. Alana picked up her baskets from IKEA!

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(Image credits: Alana Range)