Refrigerator Art: What's On Your Fridge?

Lately, we’ve been a little fascinated with the insides of refrigerators and freezers here in The Kitchen. But what about our refrigerator doors? A recent post on AT:SF of Allison Arieff standing next to her kid-decorated refrigerator reminded us that our cherished appliance has an exterior expression as well.

Magnets of all kinds, kid art and report cards, cartoons and newspaper clippings, appointment cards, poetry, alphabet letters, recipes, photographs...How does your refrigerator door reflect your life, your personality? Messy, haphazard, layered? Minimalist, functional, well-curated? What, if anything, do you have on your refrigerator door?

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Dana Velden is a freelance food writer. She lives, eats, plays, and gets lost in Oakland, California where she is in the throes of raising her first tomato plant.