Whatever your potholder style, we think you'll like these whimsical handmade versions as much as we do! Red Stitch is the work of Ioana Weber, who hand-makes every potholder in her Etsy store. There are plenty of pretty patterns and colors to choose from — all unique and one-of-a-kind. (And with a sense of humor. Did you see the steak and eggs pair? We love that one!)

Red Stitch potholders are made in and ship from Holland for €20.00 EUR per pair (about $27 USD). Each potholder is large and flexible, with a terry cloth towel sewn in on one side. They wash beautifully in the washing machine, too!

• 1 Scandinavian Style Pair of Potholders, $27 USD
• 2 Diamonds Potholders, $27 USD
• 3 Fried Eggs Pair of Potholders, $27 USD
• 4 Retro Orange Checked Cotton Potholders, $27 USD
• 5 Blue and White Modern Pair of Potholders, $27 USD

• 6 Nordic Scandinavian Pair of Potholders, $27 USD
• 7 Juicy Steak and Eggs Potholders, $27 USD
• 8 Apples and Pears Pair of Potholders, $27 USD
• 9 Mod Honeycomb Hexagon Potholders, $27 USD
• 10 Yellow Potholders with Hen Print, $27 USD

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(Images: Red Stitch)