Everyone's Favorite Dish Soap Dispenser

Faith’s Daily Find 07.31.15

Recycled Glass Oil Dispenser from Terrain

• $30

What makes dishwashing better? A window to the outdoors, good podcasts, and little treats are some of our favorite ways to make this daily chore less tedious. And by "little treats," we mean good accessories for the sink. We're big proponents, for instance, of replacing the gunky soap bottle next to your sink with something prettier (and reusable), like this dispenser — a favorite of nearly everyone on The Kitchn team. Here's how it's used in some of our kitchens.

Ariel hooked herself up with this dish soap dispenser last year as a reward for completing her first-ever Kitchn Cure.

Cambria also uses the same dispenser, but for hand soap in the kitchen (you can find out all about her long-time favorite hand soap here).

Do you use a pretty bottle in the kitchen for dish soap or hand soap? This one is fast approaching classic status for many people we know; it's pretty and functional, with that easy-pour top.

(Image credits: Ariel Knutson; Haven)