Recommendations for Custom Recipe Cards and Binders?

Recommendations for Custom Recipe Cards and Binders?

Anjali Prasertong
Nov 26, 2012

Q: Last time I was home, I noticed that my mom and my sister had piles of recipe clippings, and I thought a recipe binder would make a great gift for them. To personalize it, I wanted to get some nice recipe cards customized for them. Any recommendations on where to find those online?

Other recommendations for a recipe binder? Should I go for something store-bought or make it myself?

Sent by Lindsey

Editor: Lindsey, Etsy has a lot of options for customized recipe cards, so there's a good chance you'll find a design you think your mom and sister would like. And here are two binders that might work for you, one for sale and one homemade:

Recipe Storage Binders from Meadowsweet Kitchens
Great Recipe Binder System: With Free Downloads!

Readers, do you have any recommendations for custom recipe cards or binders?

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