Recommendations for a Reliable, Long-Lasting Tea Kettle?

Recommendations for a Reliable, Long-Lasting Tea Kettle?

Anjali Prasertong
Jan 18, 2013

Q: My experience with tea kettles has not been the best. One of my tea kettles started rusting and chipping paint into the water and the handle of the other kettle broke. I would love some advice from other readers about what tea kettles work and last a long time.

I am also thinking of maybe getting an electric kettle instead of a stovetop tea kettle so if anyone has advice about which is better, I'd love to hear it.

Sent by Kathryn

Editor: Kathryn, we love electric kettles here at The Kitchn! They heat water quickly and efficiently, and the more high-end models can even heat water to a specific temperature to match whatever you are brewing. Here are reviews of some of our favorite models, listed from least to most expensive:

My Essential Appliance: Chef's Choice Electric Kettle
The Silver Art Collection Electric Water Kettle by Krups
Product Review: Breville Variable Temperature Kettle

Readers, do you have any recommendations for reliable, long-lasting tea kettles, either stovetop or electric?

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