Recipe Roundup: White Sangria

Recipe Roundup: White Sangria

Oh, red sangria, that feisty, hot-blooded attention hog. White sangria—its fairer, sweeter cousin—deserves a little time in the spotlight. It's not exactly traditional (sangria gets its name from the Spanish word for blood, sangre) but the pale alternative is one of our favorite summer cocktails. We've got five tasty recipes below...

We find that white sangria typically has fruit swimming in it that we desperately want to eat: peaches, nectarines, grapes, pears, melon. It's light and sweet and beautiful. If you want to use some summer raspberries or strawberries, you'll tint your sangria a pretty blush color.

Most white sangrias call for a sugary liqueur or maybe brandy. We've used pear brandy before and loved it, but Cointreau or Calvados can all be good.

Some recipes to try:
• With white grape juice and nectarines, from Real Simple (above)
• With Calvados and green apples, from Food Network
• With sparkling wine, peaches, and Cointreau, from The New York Times
• With Thai basil and orange juice, from Food & Wine
• With brandy, peaches, and honeydew, from Everyday Food

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(Image: Charles Maraia for Real Simple)

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