Recipe Review: Heidi Swanson's Mushroom Casserole

Mushroom casserole with eggs, ricotta, sour cream, cheese, and hearty whole grains. That's the picture we had when we first saw this on Heidi's blog, and it called out to us. It's been on our to-make list for weeks now, and we finally got the chance! Here's what we thought of this nourishing, whole grain mushroom casserole.

This recipe has two things going for it immediately. It's delicious, and it's flexible. We were in a rush while putting this together, and we didn't have time to cook the brown rice called for in the recipe. So we substituted pre-cooked young wheat, this Greenwheat Freekeh from Trader Joe's. We also skimped a bit on browning the mushrooms.

But once cooked, the components of this casserole get pulled together fast. You just mix all those whole grains together with the mushrooms and dairy, and bake for about an hour.

Overall, this casserole does take time, but it's mostly hands-off time. The result was a comforting, nourishing casserole -- creamy and light at the same time, and full of the flavor of mushrooms. We're looking forward to making this again and experimenting with different herbs and varieties of grains.

• Get the recipe: Mushroom Casserole at 101 Cookbooks

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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