Recipe Review: Coconut Paletas

Recipe Review: Coconut Paletas

Megan Gordon
Aug 4, 2011

I first heard of paletas when I lived in Denver. There was a great little corner store that put a small freezer case right by the front door in the hot, dry summers and it was tough to walk by without picking up one of the refreshing fruit popsicles.

If you haven't heard of paletas, they're Latin American ice pops generally made with fresh fruit or milk-based flavors like rice pudding or coconut. They're becoming more and more popular with entire books devoted to celebrating their different flavors.

Last week when I discovered this recipe for Coconut Paletas featured on the blog Mix and Moxie, I knew they'd be in my near future. They're a cinch to throw together with just a few ingredients in a blender. They're creamy, not at all too sweet, fragrant with just a tinge of vanilla, and have delightful little bits of coconut strewn throughout. Pour them into your favorite popsicle mold and your hot afternoons just aren't so bad anymore. I decided to make mine in a chunky ice cube mold because they're a bit smaller (have two!) and there's something delightful about putting a few of these cubes into a small bowl for a different kind of non-popsicle dessert.

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