Recipe Research: Looking for Chicken Paprikash

We often have readers writing to us with questions on recreating a favorite recipe, or looking for recipe recommendations for a particular dish. Here's one from Marina:

I want to make Chicken Paprikash for the second time in 10 years (just a bit out of practice). Does anyone have any secret ingredients, never-failed recipes, or a good wine pairing?

Marina, I do not have personal experience with chicken paprikash, but I do know that it's fairly basic, easy, and wonderfully delicious chicken dish. It usually is a basic braise of chicken parts in a sauce with tomatoes, bell peppers, and paprika, and sometimes it is finished off with some sour cream. Here are two recipes that show the basic style of the dish.

Chicken Paprikash from Cooking Light
Chicken Paprikash from Real Simple

For wine, I think an AlbariƱo would be wonderful, with its fruity, open flavors, and mild finish. It would complement a spicy, smoky dish well. Also try a Viognier from France; Trader Joe's Honey Moon is an inexpensive option here.

Readers - do you have recipe or wine suggestions for Marina and her chicken paprikash?

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(Images: Randy Mayor for Cooking Light; John Kernick for Real Simple)

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