This summer, we gave you a recipe for our Easy, Foolproof Cobbler for Any Fruit, and by any fruit, we mean fall and winter fruit, too. We make this cobbler all the time with apples and pears, but lately we've been putting a new spin on the dough for the topping...

The idea of using brown sugar instead of regular, granulated sugar came from Faith, who did it for a plum cobbler. We tried it and loved it- especially with apples. The deeper, caramel flavor of the brown sugar was perfectly suited to fall, and as the weather gets chillier, our sugar gets darker. We're on to dark brown sugar now.

Then, the other night, we realized we were running short on flour. So we used half flour, half cornmeal instead of all flour. We love cornmeal in sweet things (we also like our cornbread a little sweet), and oh boy was this good. The dough is more tender and crumbly but with that hint of corn flavor, and it bakes up softer than the regular version.

So, our old template went: equal parts flour and sugar, with enough melted butter to make a dough. Now, it goes: one part flour plus one part cornmeal to two parts brown sugar, with enough melted butter to make a dough. Easy enough, right?

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(Image: Elizabeth Passarella)