Trader Joe's Pantry: Lemon Pepper Pappardelle Pasta

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Trader Joe's - we missed you. We recently moved back into a city with Trader Joe's, and while some may be weary of Two-Buck Chuck and long lines, we are still enjoying the novelties of inexpensive marmalade, cheese, and organic chicken broth - all of which TJ's does very well indeed.

Here's a new favorite: lemon pepper pappardelle. We are not excited about much of TJ's pasta; we gave up on the tiny ravioli, which manage to be both chewy and gummy - and not in a good way. This pasta, however, is different.

We suspect that we were simply seduced by its alliterative name, but we were pleasantly surprised by the pasta itself. The lemon comes through bright and clear, and following package directions yielded a firm yet tender al dente bite. The pepper is strong, too - those little black flecks aren't just coloring!

We whipped up a basic lemon cream sauce to go with this pasta, and it was easy and delicious. Look for the recipe a little later today!

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