Dessert for a Crowd: Pecan Pie Bars

Recipe Review

Need a simple crowd pleasing dessert that you can make in a hurry? These bite-sized versions of pecan pie will have guests happily munching all night long and help you speed up your prep time.

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When I first tried these, I was looking for a dessert to serve alongside a batch of lemon bars - something that would satisfy tastes that the gooey, tart lemon bars were lacking. Sweet, with a nutty crunch and a buttery shortbread crust, these were ideal. Plus, they come together in a flash!

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The shortbread base works with a number of other combinations, and it's a cinch to make in advance. Make a double batch, press into two pans a day or two before baking, and you'll cut the party day prep time in half.

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These are made without corn syrup, using brown sugar and honey in its place. A little crunchier than the pie version, you'll find guests grabbing their second and third pieces in no time.

Get the recipe: Bite-Sized Pecan Pie Bars at Gourmet/Epicurious

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(Images: Stephanie Barlow)