Recipe: Easy Cooling Smoothie for Hot Mornings

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This weather is ridiculous. With a belly that is now fulfilling the cliché and sporting basketball-like proportions, the heat is especially oppressive. First thing this morning I was greeted with intense hunger, and yet a very full, hot feeling.

So, inspired by yesterday's thread on the Saving Overly Ripe Fruit post, I whizzed me up a smoothie with the frozen raspberries and bananas in my freezer. Satisfied, nourished, and slightly cooled off, I went down for a nap.

Easy Cooling Smoothie for Hot Mornings

makes one pint-sized serving

1 cup soy or regular milk
1/2 cup frozen fruit, or mixed fruits

Pureé milk with fruit in a blender until completely smooth. Pour into glass and enjoy.

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