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At our house we entertain — a lot. Asian-inspired dishes like Thai curry, Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches, and sushi are often on the menu.  Sriracha is our condiment of choice, and while we enjoy cold beer to tame its heat, the search for the perfect cocktail to pair with it has finally come to a very happy ending with this week's drink.

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Cilantro is one of those flavors you either love or you vehemently despise.  I happen to love it. We finally figured out to grow it from last year's seed, so this is the  first year we have cilantro before any other herb in our garden.  With happy hour in mind, I was ready to drink in, literally, the first harvest from our garden. 

Cilantro and lime go hand in hand, and I adore a large dose of both in a creamy coconut curry.  So why not mix all these flavors with some bubbly ginger beer for a delicious and refreshing cocktail? This drink works on its own and can also stand up to the heat in our favorite spicy Asian dishes.

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Coconut Ginger & Cilantro Cocktail

Serves 1

3 sprigs cilantro
3 lime wedges
2 ounces coconut rum
4 ounces ginger beer

In a tall glass, add 1 to 2 sprigs of cilantro and squeeze in the juice of one lime wedge.  Gently muddle together.

Fill your glass with ice and add the coconut rum. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with a sprig of cilantro and another lime wedge.

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