Recalls and Elections: The Top Food News of 2008

Best of 2008

Even though we're not a news and events weblog, we try to keep up with the biggest food and cooking news each week. Here's a look back at some of the top food news from 2008.

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• There was a big salmonella scare, due to tomatoes, and then it was over and safe, but then it started up again with chili peppers.

• Soy was linked to male infertility.

• Apparently plants and crops need sunscreen too.

• In 2008 we lost Robert Mondavi and Paul Newman. RIP.

• Remember Cindy McCain and Recipegate?

• The biggest news, of course: an election that will hopefully lead to a renewed food policy in the United States.

• More stores are charging for plastic bags.

• One of the biggest beef recalls in history occurred in 2008.

Big business ripped off little business. Story of the year in microcosm?

• Rising food costs and the economic downturn have been tough on food banks and other food-related charities.

• It still looks pretty bad on the tuna front.

Urban agriculture and city chickens are growing in popularity.

• And finally, a blatant bit of horn-tooting self-promotion: In 2008 we were on's list of 50 best websites, and PC Mag gave us a shoutout as one of the 10 blogs you should be reading daily . We also found out that Google engineers like to read The Kitchn.

A big thank you for all of those mentions, and to everyone else who reads The Kitchn daily and contributes to this community!

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