Good Website: Real Thai Recipes

We crave Thai food this time of year, and we're always looking for more resources on cooking authentically spicy and delicious Thai. We found Real Thai Recipes this week, and we've been voraciously combing the archives. We love the combination of great photography, well-organized recipes and integrated glossary of terms. When it comes to international cooking, it's one of the most helpful and lovely sites we've seen.

Check out the articles direct from Thailand, too. The photo is above is of Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp, which we would gladly eat right now. More of our favorite recipes below...

Mango with Sticky Rice - We crave this all the time!!
Son-in-Law Eggs - Deep fried boiled eggs...
Thai-Style Omelette - Great with hot sauce.
Northeastern Pork Salad - One of our very favorite dishes ever - hot and sour.

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