Apartment Therapy's annual Small, Cool Contest has been running the last month, and during that time we've been actively looking for small, cool kitchens and rounding them up as we go along. Here's the latest batch, with 15 new kitchen entries you many not have seen yet. Most entrants include a picture or two of their kitchen, so the contest is a terrific way to see how real people design and outfit their tiny kitchens.

Daniel's Amazing Bones
Kristen's Fit Everything In
Mel's Complete and Balanced
Amanda's Nostalgic and Worldly
Caroline's Elegant Simplicity

Sally's Dreamy and Romantic
Annie and Trevor's Compact Sanctuary
Scott's Modern Zones
Masha's Color and Pattern
Kristina's Handmade Style

Brian's Glass Wall
Dan'l's Caretaker's Apartment
Christine's Color and Clean Design
Jennifer's Efficient Haven
Sandy and Nick's Seems Huge

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(Images: Apartment Therapy)