Reader Intelligence: No-Refrigerate, No-Reheat Lunches?

We often get requests for no-refrigerate, no-reheat lunches. What can you pack in a lunch bag, with or without ice packs, and enjoy four hours later without the aid of a microwave? Since it's Lunch Week we thought we'd turn this question over to you, our readers, and ask what your favorite no-refrigerate, no-reheat lunches are.

Give us lots of ideas — we'll round them all up in one place!

It occurs to me, too, that the answer to this question may depend somewhat on your comfort level with leaving food unrefrigerated. Personally, I don't mind leaving a bit of cooked chicken in a salad for a few hours, outside of the fridge. Others may feel differently, though.

Other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some of my own favorite pack-and-take lunches are:

Couscous salads, like this one
Chana masala and other chickpea dishes

What about you?

(Image: Emily Ho)

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