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Yesterday we asked you for your cupboard challenges - all that stuff left over from cleaning out your cupboards for the Spring Cure. You probably have things you don't want to get rid of but you'd like to use up. Reader mandarinmarie took us up on the offer and so here's her Cupboard Challenge. She writes...

The things that need to get used: lentils, canned salmon, barley, clam juice, raisins, and moonshine jelly. The moonshine jelly is really just a wildcard.

Whoa - moonshine jelly! We have never seen such. What is it? Can it be used like regular jelly - like for peanut butter and moonshine sandwiches? Or perhaps to glaze a ham...

The rest of this haul is pretty straightforward. We would suggest cooking the barley with a little chicken broth and maybe a splash of clam juice and shredding in the salmon for a healthy one-bowl weeknight supper.

You could do the same with lentils, although this time of year all we want is a nice warm lentil salad with goat cheese crumbled in and lots of fresh spring parsley wilted with bacon to flavor. See our recipe here:

Herbed Lentils with Bacon

How would you help mandarinmarie use up her cupboard contents - either separately or all together?

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