Rattles and Renovations: Melissa Clark's New Kitchen

Rattles and Renovations: Melissa Clark's New Kitchen

Faith Durand
Dec 22, 2008

Last August we gave you a sneak peek of New York Times food writer Melissa Clark's kitchen. We showed you a few photos of her original kitchen, due for imminent renovation, to be completed (hopefully) before the birth of her daughter.

Well, her beautiful kitchen is now finished, and just in the nick of time. Read on for a photo of her new kitchen!

The New York Times recently ran a piece with a look at Clark's brand new kitchen -- renovated on a budget with IKEA cabinets, Home Depot pulls, and a few choice splurges.

Here's another look at her old kitchen:

To Clark's chagrin, the last pieces were still being put in place while she was leaving for the hospital to have her baby -- three weeks early. To read the whole story and see more photos of her lovely kitchen renovation, go to the Times.

• Read the article: Tossing a Rattle Into the Renovation at The New York Times

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