Quick Soup Tip: Use a Tea Infuser as a Reusable Bouquet Garni Sachet

Your tea infuser can be used for a lot more than just tea. How about using it as a bouquet garni sachet the next time you make soup?

The habit really surfaced out of desperation one day as I was making a pot of split pea soup. A bundle of thyme, bay leaves, and peppercorns was called for, secured in a cheesecloth pouch. Without any cheesecloth on hand, I scoured the kitchen drawers and came up with my little-used SwissGold tea infuser. I filled it with the soup's seasonings and clipped the little chain to the side of the soup pot. It worked like a charm to infuse not a cup of tea but a delicious pot of soup. So I didn't rush out to buy cheesecloth: I've used the infuser solely for soups ever since.

Do you repurpose tools in your kitchen in moments of desperation? Have you hit upon any happy accidents that are now routine?

(Image credits: SwissGold)