Quick & Easy Salad Dressing: Miso & Citrus Juice

Salad dressings are so simple to make from scratch, we don't buy bottled versions anymore. But there are some nights when even the act of measuring out vinegar and oil just seems like too much. That's when we pull out the tub of miso and whatever fresh citrus is on hand, to mix up a batch of the quickest, easiest, most foolproof dressing we know.

Yes, regular vinaigrette is also pretty quick, easy and foolproof, but making it usually involves measuring to get the right proportion of acid to oil, as well adjusting the seasoning to taste. Miso-citrus dressing, on the other hand, involves putting a dab of miso paste in a bowl, adding a squeeze of fresh citrus juice and stirring. The balance of flavors is almost always perfect. Done.

Any combination of miso paste and citrus works. White miso paste with orange juice is sweet and mild, while the mixture of red miso and lime is powerful and tart. Yellow miso and lemon juice is a particular favorite, versatile enough to go with nearly any type of salad.

This is the sort of thing that barely needs a recipe, but here is a basic template:

Easy Miso-Citrus Dressing

2 teaspoons miso paste
Juice of one lime or lemon, or half an orange

Whisk together miso paste and citrus juice in a small bowl. Taste and add more miso or juice as needed.

Do you have any last-minute salad dressing recommendations?

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(Images: Faith Durand; Flickr member freshandfoodie licensed under Creative Commons)