10 Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes for the Busy Holiday Season

10 Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes for the Busy Holiday Season

Anjali Prasertong
Dec 10, 2013

The hustle of the holiday season usually means there isn't much time to cook a warm and nourishing meal at the end of the day. Before you surrender to a dinner of broken peppermint cookies and leftover eggnog, try one of these ten recipes — they're quick, easy and exactly what you need to get you through that late-night cookie-baking session.

Crispy, Cheesy Stove Top Quesadillas

You may notice that these recipes share a couple foolproof tricks for quick and satisfying dinners. They rely on quick-cooking proteins like eggs and seafood, or use the high heat of stir-frying to finish cooking fast. Saucy dishes are served over fast-cooking grains like quinoa and couscous. And when in doubt, buy some store-bought dough and make pizza.

Saucy Sautéed Shrimp over Lemon Quinoa

Do you have any quick and easy dinner recipes that you rely on at this time of year?

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