Recipe: Quick Strawberry Trifles

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Remember these Easter egg cakes I made last week? Well, I had a container full of pound cake scraps sitting in the freezer that I didn't want to waste, and cake pops were too laborious for a weeknight. Enter a few frozen strawberries that had been sitting around for a while, and my new favorite weeknight dessert was born.

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Trifles are like the garbage disposal of desserts — tasty analogy, huh? You can throw just about anything in them. Leftover cake, crumbled cookies, fruit, nuts, chocolate sauce, jam... Just layer them in a glass, and the composed whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

If you're still cleaning out your fridge, freezer, and pantry, keep a trifle in mind. You don't need cake scraps. Leftover birthday cake slices? Half a batch of brownies? Sugar cookies? Those will all work with a little fruit and whipped cream.

Tester's Notes

I think of these individual trifles as the dessert that comes to the rescue time and time again. It's my answer on nights when I'm craving something sweet, and that's more interesting than a few cookies or a scoop of ice cream. It's my solution when I have friends over at the last minute and need an easy dessert, fast. Trifle is my dessert crutch, and a really good one at that.

If I have them, I always opt for using fresh berries. Maybe even a few slices of banana. However, if fresh fruit is scarce I can always rely on finding frozen fruit in the freezer. Mixed with chucks of sweet cake and whipped cream, it's just as good.

- Kelli, March 2015

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Quick Strawberry Trifles

Serves 4

2 cups cake scraps (or crumbled cookies, leftover brownies, etc.)
2 cup fresh or frozen fruit
2 cups whipped cream

Layer the cake, fruit, and whipped cream in glasses, creating several layers. Serve immediately.

Updated from a post originally published April 2009.

Per serving, based on 4 servings. (% daily value)
6.8 g (10.5%)
4.2 g (20.9%)
10.1 g (3.4%)
0.7 g (2.8%)
8.5 g
1.6 g (3.2%)
22.8 mg (7.6%)
14.9 mg (0.6%)

(Image credits: Kelli Dunn)