Questions for Lisa Yockelson: Good Portable Chocolate Desserts?

Questions for Lisa Yockelson: Good Portable Chocolate Desserts?

Faith Durand
Jan 23, 2008

We're excited to have Lisa Yockelson as a guest expert this week; she is answering your questions on baking with chocolate. Lisa is the author of the rich chocolate encyclopedia ChocolateChocolate, a treasure trove of chocolate recipes and tips.

Here's the second of several reader questions for Lisa, and it's a very practical request - read on for Lisa's answer!

Q: Other than boring ol' chocolate chip cookies (not that they're bad), what's a good portable chocolate dessert recipe? I'm thinking of something that could easily be taken on a picnic, to a party, etc., and also easily divided?

A: When I was writing CHOCOLATECHOCOLATE and selecting recipes from my file of wonderfully homemade sweets developed over years of baking, I was specifically aware of providing some terrific sweets that travel well. One recipe from the book comes to mind immediately--a chocolate sheet cake capped with a generous amount of frosting. It is called "Buttery and Soft Chocolate Cake for a Crowd." That very recipe was selected (one of a few) from CHOCOLATECHOCOLATE chosen by Food & Wine magazine in their collection titled BEST OF THE BEST: the best recipes from the 25 best cookbooks of the year (American Express Publishing Corporation, 2006).

So, a sheet cake is ideal as it can be transported directly in the pan and cut on the spot--perfect for a bring-a-dish event. Dense, fudgy tortes also travel well and are perfect for baking-and-taking in the summer because they won't wilt in the heat and humidity. All kinds of brownies, especially the wonderfully! rich multi-layered sensations that sometimes include chopped-up candy bars, seem to be a favorite of so many of my friends. All of this talk is making me run to the freezer and pull out a brownie--right now!

Thank you Lisa!

(Image credits: ChocolateChocolate cover photo and author photo both by Ben Fink. Cover design by Vertigo Design, NYC.)

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