Purple in the Kitchen: A Smoky Lilac Palette


We've shown you purple hues in the kitchen before, but it's not a color I usually associate with the kitchen. And yet lately I've been drawn instinctively to cool lavender shades — so clean, yet interesting. Take this kitchen from Sunset, for instance.

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There's something about the way the "smoky lilac" (their term, not mine!) cabinets catch the light, and the way they look with those beautiful countertops. The clean lines and stainless steel components keep it from looking (to me, anyway) ultra-feminine or Barbie-house. There's something very appealing about this kitchen!

This kitchen was part of a really smart renovation in California. Two tiny bungalows next door to each other were combined and expanded into one 1200 square foot home. The original driveway is now the dining room! To see more of this kitchen and the very interesting story of its renovation, click on over to Sunset.

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This pale lavender color is really inspiring, in an unexpected way. I never thought it was to my taste, but lately I've been drawn to it. In fact, I just painted my own kitchen, and after trying literally a dozen swatches of paint in many different intensities and hues, I went with a pale lavender grey — which hadn't even been in my mind initially! It looks clean and cool, but more interesting (and forgiving) than stark white.

What do you think of purple kitchens and smoky lilac cabinets?

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(Images: Thomas J. Story/Sunset)

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