Product Review: PUR Water Filter

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Lucky winner Sally of our PUR water filter giveaway last month has followed up with a review. Her boyfriend, if you remember, insisted on bottled water and Sally wanted to do a blind water swap to wean him off the bottled stuff. Did it work? Read on...

When my PUR water filter arrived, I conspired to trick my boyfriend into drinking a bottle filled with the filtered water rather than his usual brand, and he didn’t bat an eye. We both then did a blind taste test with tap, filtered, and bottled water. He liked both the filtered and bottled water, and I was surprised to find that I preferred the filtered water.

Besides taste, the PUR filter is easy to use. All it takes is a flip of the switch.

However, there are drawbacks. It takes away a good two inches of height in the sink, making it difficult to deal with a large pile of dishes. Another drawback is that despite the inclusion of multiple adaptors, o-rings, and plenty of tightening, I cannot get it to stop leaking. This means that when a glass is filled, some water will manage to escape down the drain.

I don’t appreciate the wasted water, but I assume it is better for the environment not to use bottled water, and if having the PUR will get my boyfriend to drink from the tap, then a few wasted drops will have to do.

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Thanks for the review, Sally! Anyone have any help for her on the issue with the leaking attachment?

(Image credit: All photos by SassySally)