Harvest Month: Pumpkins

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We have friends in the country, and on the way to their home there's not one but two pumpkin patches. The rows of green vines and orange globes call out to us - pumpkins are ready!

Fat orange pumpkins are a fall cliché but we still love the rich orange squash. It's a fruit, not a vegetable, technically, and its bright orange flesh is incredibly good for you. Roasted, steamed, pureed, baked - it's healthy and smoky-sweet, an original New World superfood.

Recipes and tips below - with more to come. We are cooking with pumpkin this month!

Pumpkin Recipes from The Kitchen
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Honey Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

Pumpkin Tips
Good Tip: Brining Pumpkin Seeds
Technique: Pumpkin Puree
Look! Pumpkin Carving Gadgets

Do you have a pumpkin on hand for carving, baking, or de-seeding? What are your plans for your pumpkins this year?

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