Professional Ranges: A Look at the Big Guys

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We detect a bit of voyeuristic interest among our readers on the topic of professional ranges. And we're looking for a new one, so let's start talking.

We have cooked on a number of different rigs, and can say that our favorite is the commercial stoves we've used here and there - the stuff you can't buy retail. French Culinary Institute has Jade Ranges that almost make any cook feel like Mario Batali. And an old restaurant 6-burner DCS that I have the pleasure of cooking on in the summer has incredible power.

From home in NYC, we're still battling it out with a 20" mystery-brand (Tappan? Kenmore? Who knows, the label wore off before I moved in), and in a few months, it will be history. As we scout about for its replacement, our chops have started watering considerably.

We're going to take a look variety of what Consumer Reports calls Premium Ranges ($1,500 and up)l, starting with the Thermador 30" Pro Harmony All-Gas Range (P304CS).

Those of you who own a heavy-duty range, don't hesitate to chime in. Those who dream of owning one, you're invited too.

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