Product Review: Ka Me Gluten-Free Rice Crackers

These crackers are the thing to have in your pantry in case a gluten-free guest stops by. They tend to show up at even the smallest neighborhood grocery and are easy to pair with dips and cheese alike.Rice crackers are an easy add-on to a hors d'oeuvres platter to accommodate a gluten-free guest and one that your gluten-loving guests will snack on, too.

Unlike many gluten-free crackers, these don't taste overly processed or strangely shiny (you know what I mean if you've ever tasted gluten-free crackers resembling laminated slivers of cardboard). They have a strong crunch and a lightly salty aftertaste, making them easy to serve alongside a cheese plate or a bowl of guacamole. Because they are naturally made using rice flour and not a combination of flour substitutes, also absent is the gritty texture present in some gluten-free breads and crackers.

Ka Me rice crackers are available in several flavors besides the original, lightly salted version - wasabi, sesame, seaweed, black sesame and soy, and cheese - all gluten-free.

Have you tried rice crackers?

Ka Me Rice Crackers, $27.14 for 12 packages at Amazon.

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(Images: Stephanie Barlow)