Product Review: D'Artagnan Duck Bacon

Product Review: D'Artagnan Duck Bacon

Kathryn Hill
Oct 6, 2008

Every so often I like to go to iGourmet and treat myself to some gourmet delicacies. While surfing their website, I came across D'Artagnan Duck Bacon. Intrigued, I purchased it.

The "bacon" is actually cut from the duck's breast and includes a strip of fat along the edge. The meat is uncured, and has half the fat of pork bacon. When cooked, the strips turn dark brown and shrink up. They don't get as crispy as pork bacon does. The taste verdict: delicious! Very interesting and something new - worth trying.

Get duck back at iGourmet for $10.99.

(Image: iGourmet)

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