(Image credit: Lia Griffith)

All this week we've been talking about preserving summer's bounty. If you plan to fill your shelves with jams and preserves, or stash a few Ziploc bags of produce in the freezer, then you'll love these downloadable labels from Lia Griffith. They're free, and super cute!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Lia designed these labels with a vintage chalkboard theme, with typewriter text. There are calendar labels perfect for freezer goods, and blank labels just right for gifting jam. 

Even better? All but the decorative labels have editable text options built into the file. So grab those label sheets and get to printing!

Read More and Download → Printable Chalkboard Style Freezer and Canning Labels at Lia Griffith

(Images: Lia Griffith)