Practically-Outdoor Dining

Dining outdoors isn't always possible, but these rooms come close. A sunroom or screened porch is another almost-outdoor space where the dining experience is exposed to the sun, fresh air, and views:

1 Get the whole family, including the pets, together for a meal in an indoor/outdoor dining room.
2 Cozy things up with cushy upholstered seating in addition to a dining table (you can't always do that outside!).
3 Get festive with string lights, a rustic table setting, and nothing between you and the great outdoors but a screen.
4 Light your table with just a few oversized candles so you feel like you're out of the house.
5 Green accents give this open sunroom even more of an outdoor feeling.

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(Images: Melanie Acevedo via Musings of a Nightowl, Jason and Jennifer Payne, Jean Allsopp/Southern Living, Victoria Pearson/House Beautiful, Rob Brinson via Unique Unique Design)

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