How To Make a Frittata, Strawberry Cheesecakes, Coffee Pudding, Spiked Iced Chai Tea, Cracker Jacks and More

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Happy Friday! It's Mother's Day weekend, and we have some ideas for anyone who deserves breakfast in bed. We show you how to make that classic breakfast dish, the frittata, and we give you a delicious coffee pudding you can eat for breakfast. It was Cocktail Week around these parts too, so we have some cocktails that would work for brunch: The Screwdriver, the simple Champagne Cocktail, and -- best of all -- Spiked Iced Soy Chai Tea.

How To Make a Frittata
Breakfast Coffee Pudding
Toasted Oat and Walnut Whisky Trifle (Cranachan)
No-bake Strawberry Cheesecakes
Cornmeal Lime Cookies
Triple Chocolate Chip Brownies
White and Dark Chocolate Strawberries
Homemade Cracker Jacks
Chilled Soba in Cucumber Cups
Loquat Bourbon Smash
Spiked Iced Soy Chai Tea
Champagne Cocktail
Screwdriver Cocktail

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