Bored of Salad? 101 Recipes to Get You Inspired

Bored of Salad? 101 Recipes to Get You Inspired

We have to hand it to Mark Bittman and the Times. It's got to be hard to come up with 101 salad variations, but honestly, most of the ones on their list sound refreshingly inventive. Plus, there's a long list of dressings.

The list is broken down into Vegan, Vegetarian, Salads with Seafood, Salads with Meat, Salads with Noodles, and Grain Salads. There are plenty of usual suspects—tomatoes and mozzarella, cucumber salad, greens with walnuts and blue cheese, a few takes on tuna...

But given the fact that there are 101 recipes, we found lots of surprises. A grilled cheese cut into croutons and tossed on top of a tomato salad was one favorite. There's also a hot dog salad with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and a mustard vinaigrette. Go read for yourself:

101 Simple Salads for the Season

Be sure to check out the list of links on the left-hand side; there are recipes for all kinds of dressings, from ranch to miso-ginger. This is an article worth clipping and saving for inspiration. You're sure to find something you like.

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