How To Make Green Plum Wine

Delicious links for 5.21.09

Look at this beautiful green plum wine, also known as umeshu. This sweet wine can be brewed at home; read on for a link to Los Angeles food blogger Anjali's instructions. Plus a new source for behind-the-scenes videos and recipes from top chefs, and a cute menu planning kit.

Today's Delicious Links

DIY Umeshu at Delicious Coma.

MyPressi Espresso Maker - A competitor to that amazing Handpresso espresso machine!

Chef's Planning Kit from Knock Knock. The idea is simple, but it might make a fun gift for a new cook.

Farmers Market Luncheon at Behind the Burner, a new weblog and website with lots of behind-the-scenes videos and recipes from professional chefs.

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