What President Obama Eats for His Afternoon Snack

Hey, take a look at this! It's President Obama's afternoon snack. What do we spot? Butterfly crackers, cheese, carrots, and is that a slice of pear?

This photo is from a meeting with President Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs. Apparently they had a snack together. What a simple snack! We must say that the presentation takes it a step up above preschool, although we did wonder if mats and naptime were next?

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Meanwhile, in the Roosevelt Room, the staff gathers for a decidedly much more office-like snack: pizza. This was a "pizza tasting gathering" — for what, we wonder? To choose the pizza of record for the White House? The one that will be ordered for all those late-night budget and planning sessions? We are now very, very curious on which pizza made the cut.

Oh, and if you're curious about that fine china pictured up top, here's a look at the White House's new china patterns.

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(Images: Official White House photographer Pete Souza via Flickr. Licensed for use under Creative Commons.)

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