Times Top 5: Savory Apples with Barley and Sausage

Times Top 5: Savory Apples with Barley and Sausage

Should you actually get past the news on the front page this morning, here's what's happening in the Dining & Wine section of The New York Times...

1. Melissa Clark puts barley pilaf—with chorizo!—on top of apples. Sweet, salty, and baked. This sounds completely original to us, but in a good way.

2. Quechua people in Ecuador take charge of their cacao. These people, with the help of some American volunteers, have cut out the middle man and become chocolate bar entrepreneurs.

3. Easy, prosciutto-wrapped fish. Bittman keeps it short and sweet: wrap fish, bake, enjoy.

4. More Roast Chicken. Simon Hopkinson, author of Roast Chicken and Other Stories, has a new book out. Have you seen it?

5. Could you build your own brick pizza oven? This guy did, and now he wheels it around on the back of a truck.

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(Image: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)

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