Harvest Time: Olives in Israel, Palestine, and California

Olives! Olives, grown for food and oil, are one of the most ancient crops in human history. The groves of olives in some of these photos are hundreds of years old, clinging to hot, dusty hillsides in some of the more contentious areas of the world, and still putting out a harvest year after year. Here are a few images of olive harvest from all over the world.

• Top: Olive harvest in Israel. Image by Flickr member ilan sharif.

• Olive harvest in Greece. They are spreading nets under the trees. Image by Flickr member RobW.

• A net to catch olives. Image by Flickr member reinvented.

• Machines in Cinque Terre, a region of coastal villages in northern Italy. They are designed to transport the olive harvest from the groves. Image by Flickr member Scott MacLeod Liddle.

• Harvesting olives in Qusin village, Palestine, near the border. Image by Flickr member michaelramallah.

• Sifting the olive harvest in Palestine. Image by Flickr member michaelramallah.

• Harvesting olives in Matzuva, Israel. Image by Flickr member maxnathans.

• The oil from the Matzuva harvest. Image by Flickr member maxnathans .

• Harvesting olives on the Caltech campus in Pasadena, California. See more info on their 2007 harvest here. Image by Flickr member jilldoughtie.

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(All images licensed for use under Creative Commons.)