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We frequently show you what's popping up at the Union Square and Grand Army Plaza Greenmarkets, but there are many small markets tucked into corners of the city that deserve a mention.

One of these is the Green Flea on Columbus Avenue and 76th Street, which is open on Sundays, year-round. It is primarily a flea market, but there is one section devoted to fresh produce, flowers, and baked goods. Click below to see what we found on Sunday...

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We took two bunches of Sweet William home for Mother's Day.
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Herbs available from a nearby plant store.
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Berkshire Berries doesn't just sell honey (along with their homemade jams), they show of the bees who make it! We saw one kid who asked questions about these bees for about five minutes...
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Ramps that eventually went into this recipe.

Check out the Green Flea website to find more locations around the city.

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(All images: Elizabeth Passarella)