Slinks: Popular Science Kitchen Gadgets

Slinks: Popular Science Kitchen Gadgets

Faith Durand
Oct 23, 2007

Kitchen gadgets of the future - actually, make that now. Popular Science has a slideshow of high-tech kitchen gadgets. Some of these, like the Anti-Griddle shown above, are used in experimental restaurants. (The Anti-Griddle freezes food instantly and costs about $1000). Click for more...

• Others, like the Smoking Gun, are more accessible to home cooks. This is only $50 and gives meat a smoked flavor using hardwood sawdust.

• The Gastrovac is amazingly multi-functional; it's like a crock pot, vacuum pump and heating plate all in one, designed to force flavorful liquid into food.

• The second half of the slide show focuses more on high-tech products for the home, like this Mini Beer Keg.

(via Mighty Girl)

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